George Wood Performing Arts Centre

Venue Specifications

Full specifications can found in the Venue Pack - download link can be found in the sidebar to the right.


The venue has a seating capacity of 895 which is divided into 373 seats in the front stalls, 272 in the rear stalls (including a removable row), and 250 seats in the Balcony.

The venue is equipped with a variety of curtains and cloths to suit almost any function format, from the largest symphony orchestra to the most intimate dramatic production. Three motorised curtains are installed which may be utilised to divide the stage area, increasing or decreasing the depth of the stage as required.

Nine sets of rigging lines are available to statically rig lighting and cloths. Flying is NOT permitted during a performance.

The standard stage surface is an elegant polished hardwood timber which can be covered with black masonite if required. The full stage dimensions are 10m deep x 16m wide. In addition there are fixed choir risers/steps at the back of the stage which can accomodate up to 120 people.

Musical Equipment

There are a selection of musical instruments and related equipment available, including mobile and fixed choir risers and a Yamaha C-7 Grand Piano.

The stage includes an orchestra pit which can accomodate up to 30 musicians.


    1 YamahaTM LS9-32 digital mixing console
    4 Vocal microphones
    4 Instrument microphones
    4 Overhead stage microphones
    3 Boundary stage microphones
    4 Tall microphone stands
    4 Short microphone stands
    1 LectrumTM lecturn with microphone
    2 CD player/recorders
    2 CD players

A selection of radio microphones can also be hired at an additional cost as shown in Scale of Rates Schedule in the Venue Pack.


An EPSON™ EB-G 5950 rear video projection system is available. The projection screen size is 12’ x 9’


A 4-colour wash with white orchestra lighting on stage is rigged as standard. Any alterations to the standard rig must be returned to normal at the end of the hire period. Time required beyond the allotted booking time will be charged at an hourly rate as per the scale of rates

1 x MaximM 60/120 console with PatPad
1 x SoftlinkTM soft patch 72 x 2.5Kw dimmers
64 x Par 64s
16 x 1Kw Profiles
16 x 44 Zoomspots
4 x 2Kw Fresnels
6 x 1Kw Fresnels
6 x 500w Minifresnels
6 x 650w Pebble Convex
12 x 1Kw CoemarTM cyc lights
16 x ProShow Tri-Colour LED wash
2 x Followspots